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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

“Home should be an oratorio of the memory, singing to all our after life melodies and harmonies of old remembered joy.” -Henry Ward Beecher


photo credit: Jan Prucha

A new year is upon us, and perhaps you have resolved to be a better you. Why not resolve to be a better you inside your home!

Whether it be a fresh coat of paint in the living room or inspecting your home for safety, the start of a new year is a motivating time to make your special space cozier and a joy to lounge in 24/7.

Personally, every new year I try to do at least 5 of the following things in order to wow my guests and parents:

1. Safety first! Put carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers on every floor in my home, or check that they have not expired. Check if the furnace filter needs a replacement. Clean the vents and ducts behind the dryer in order to prevent a fire. Make sure bathrooms and the attic are properly ventilated in order to prevent mold.

2. Think spring! Start planning out what seeds I want to grow in the garden, coordinate with friends and neighbors so that we can share seeds, then start seedlings indoors. This is a fun way to cure the winter blues.

3. Clear the clutter! Plan a cleaning day for the whole family, and order pizza to sweeten the deal. Get rid of everything we do not absolutely need, and donate items to places like Salvation Army, Joppa, or Freedom For Youth. Then, put together a family plan to keep the house organized and clean.

4. Deep clean the best seat in the house! People and pets eat, sleep, and work on the couch- the best seat in the house! Just imagine what particles are lurking in the cushions. I try to use baking soda on and then vacuum the couch once a month, but a deep cleaning would be a great idea once a year. Upholstery cleaning machines can be rented at various places in the city. There are also homemade cleaning solutions and methods from Cleanapedia.

5. Redecorate! Last but not least, I put a fresh coat of paint first in the high-traffic areas of my home that guests will see. Then I start planning house and garden parties for when spring hits.

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